Photo Gallery

Photo is showing a burned and charred wooden fence on the ground.

Fire Got Really Close to Anaheim, CA Home

This fire got way too close to this home in Anaheim, CA during the Anaheim fires. It did damage the customer's shed but thankfully did not reach the inside of their home due to the tireless efforts of the Anaheim Fire Station. Unfortunately the smoke damage did affect the customer's home. It's OK, because SERVPRO of Anaheim Central / Garden Grove East provides deodorization as part of our services. Our expert technicians performed a deodorization in their home by filtering the air using Air Scrubbers and left it smelling "Like it never even happened."

Photo is showing a man vacuuming and cleaning an attic space

Can't Forget to Clean the Attic After Fire Damage

Fires don't only affect the materials in a home or commercial building but the smoke from the fire may travel throughout the home and cause an unpleasant odor. One of the places the smoke odor may travel to and get trapped in is the attic space since the smoke travels upwards. So we can't forget to clean that very important area as part of our scope of work in ensure that all the trapped smoke in every area is dealt with.

Photo is showing office desks and office chairs with soot from a fire

Office Fire in Anaheim, CA

This office in Anaheim, CA experienced a fire. The fire department had to break a window in order to gain access to the building and fight the fire. You can see the devastating results from the fire on the carpet and the smell of smoke in the building was almost unbearable. We cleaned up the damage and wiped all the walls, hard surfacing etc. and deodorizing the entire office. Once we completed the fire remediation, the office smelled so fresh and clean, Like it never even happened.  

Photo is showing furniture wrapped in blankets and plastic and stored in a storage facility

We Can Pack Out Your Contents

Sometimes when there's water or fire damage in a home or office, the area affected may be so large and completely involved that it is necessary  to move the contents out of the home or office in order to mitigate the loss. SERVPRO of Anaheim Central/Garden Grove East can move your contents safely, while taking complete inventory of your items to ensure that nothing is left behind or missing. Once the damage is cleaned up, mitigated, and any necessary repairs have been completed, we then bring all your contents back and place them back where they all belong. This is all part of the mitigation/restoration process.

Photo is showing a countertop being held up in place by wood 2 x 4's

We Can Save Your Countertops

Water damage is sometimes bound to happen and sometimes it may affect your expensive or newly purchased kitchen countertops. This customer in Anaheim, CA was very concerned about losing their beautiful countertops but we were able to remove the damaged cabinets below and support their granite countertops and save them for further use. The customer was thrilled that we were able to accomplish this and now they have their beautiful countertops to enjoy for years to come.

Photo is showing plastic containment in a kitchen with drying equipment in place

Containment Used to Expediate Drying

This photo is showing how we sometimes setup plastic containment barriers to help expediate drying. We need to get the affected materials dried as quickly as possible so we setup plastic containment in order to control the air flow directly to the most saturated areas.  

Photo is showing a man's hand holding a stop watch with the SERVPRO house logo to the right of his hand

Faster to Any Size Disaster

Choose SERVPRO because we're faster to any size disaster. No matter how large or how small a water or fire loss is, we are capable of responding within 30 minutes of receiving the loss and we're capable of being onsite and ready to assist in approximately one hour because we know that time is of the essence.

Photo is showing a kitchen that was affected by smoke from a nearby fire

Smoke Damage is a big factor after a fire.

When there's a fire, the actual flames aren't the only factor that may damage a structure. Smoke damage is just as devastating! That's the case for this Agoura Hills, CA home. There was a fire storm nearby that affected this entire home with smoke damage. The smell of smoke was overwhelming. SERVPRO of Garden Grove East/Anaheim Central was able to assist by cleaning any signs of soot from the structure, cleaning the contents, removing the insulation from the attic, cleaning the HVAC ducts, and deodorizing the entire home. The customer was so happy and grateful.

Photo is showing a long hallway in a commercial building with air movers (fans) placed all along the walls drying them.

Commercial Building Affected by Water Damage!

This newly built commercial building in Anaheim, CA had a sprinkler system malfunction. The water migrated throughout the apartment complex rapidly. There were many units and several hallways that were affected. We were able to arrive onsite quickly to begin the cleanup and drying the affected materials. After inspecting and determining what materials were wet, we then removed the materials that could not be salvaged and began drying the wood studs and sill plates. We were able to dry and restore this commercial property in no time! The customer was thrilled with the outcome!

Photo is showing a green SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team Semi-trailer

SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team

Our SERVPRO Franchise can handle any size disaster. Whether it's a small one bedroom home or a 300 unit hotel, we're Ready for whatever happens. We have a disaster recovery team on standby to handle any residential or commercial water or fire disaster 24/7. When you need assistance quickly, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Garden Grove East/Anaheim Central.

Photo is showing a restoration technician wearing a SERVPRO uniform, standing near balloons

Welcome to our SERVPRO Family!

Congratulations to our newest employee for completing his 90 days with our company! Junior is a hard working, loyal, dependable, and highly experienced Certified Water Damage Technician. We are very proud of him and we're lucky to have him be apart of our team! Welcome to our SERVPRO family Junior!

Photo is showing a man's hand holding a moisture meter down on a wood subfloor to get moisture readings

Moisture Mapping with Moisture Meters

This photo is showing how our Certified Water Damage Technician takes and records moisture readings of this plywood material in Anaheim, CA.

Our Franchise visits each job daily to ensure that there is drying progress being made. Our trained and certified technicians moisture map and take moistures readings of every affected material daily, until they are all dried to goal.

Photo is showing a ceiling tile boarded up with wood due to a break-in in this commercial building

Commercial Building Broken into and Vandalized

This commercial building in Los Angeles, CA was broken into. The back part of the office was set on fire. The actual fire damage was not major but the smell of the smoke damage was throughout the two story building. We were able to deodorize the entire building using Air Scrubbers and safe SERVPRO approved deodorization products. The results were outstanding!

SERVPRO drying equipment placed on a commercial job in a hall way

Commercial Water Damage

This Ontario, CA commercial building had their roof collapse causing the building's fire suppression system to crack and spray water throughout the building for several hours. SERVPRO of Garden Grove East/Anaheim Central was dispatched to assist with the water damage. In this photo you can see our drying equipment that we placed in one of the hallways to dry the wet studs after we had to remove some drywall that was water damaged and beyond restoring.

Anaheim Water Damage in Laboratory

This Laboratory in Anaheim reached out to our franchise in a panic due to water gushing out from a broken pipe, affecting multiple rooms. Materials such as carpet, walls, and baseboards were affected. The owner of the business was very worried because he didn't want this to interrupt his everyday business. We assured him that we would handle this and move as quickly as possible to get it dried so that we can get them back to work! Our crew quickly assessed the damage and removing any necessary materials that could not be salvaged, placed equipment and within 3 days, we got all materials dried to goal. The customer was so thrilled!

Simple Precautions

The leaves have changed colors and are falling gracefully to the ground. Fall is in the Air!Unfortunately, those same colorful leaves find their way to your rain gutters, causing build up and blocking them. The main purpose of a gutter system is to channel water off the roof and away from the property's foundation. Blockage can cause many problems such as foundation and wood damage. Don't worry... SERVPROcan help! Call us to schedule a precautionary fall cleanup of your gutters!

Photos is showing neatly stacked SERVPRO green air movers and dehumidifiers ready to be placed inside a commercial building

SERVPRO Equipment

Our SERVPRO equipment - ready to handle any large commercial water damage. This Fullerton, CA business had extensive water damage throughout their warehouse. There were multiple rooms with multiple materials such as walls, floors, etc. affected. We needed to dry these materials a quickly as possibly in order for this business to reopen their doors for business. We were able to accomplish this for them and they were completely satisfied with our services.

Photo is showing 2 technicians mopping up water damage in this commercial warehouse.

Commercial Water Damage

SERVPRO of Garden Grove East/Anaheim Central doesn't only handle residential losses, we can handle commercial losses as well. In in this case there was a 20,000 sf warehouse/retail store that was flooded. Luckily for them the Water Damage happened on a Friday so we were able to cleanup and dry down so that they were able to open for business on Monday morning. The customer was thrilled! We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.. making sure we are always SERVPRO Ready for our customers.

Ready for one of our CE Classes

SERVPRO of Garden Grove East/Anaheim Central  offers different Continued Education (CE) Classes. This particular one was to inform and educate the attendees about Mold prevention and how we handle and perform Mold Remediation.

Photo is showing a technician wearing a full Tyvek suit with gloves, worn for protection

SERVPRO Technician Geared Up and Ready to Go

During this terrible Pandemic we would like you to know that we are still available to assist you with any Water Damage, Fire/Smoke Damage, or Mold Cleanup and Removal that you may need. To protect our customers and our crew, our technicians will be geared up in their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prior to entering your home or office.

This photo shows one of our highly trained SERVPRO technicians, suited up and ready to enter a customer's crawl space to inspect and perform mold remediation. Keeping Safety First - Always SERVPRO Ready!

Photo is showing a burned and charred front door of an apartment after fire has damaged it.

Fire Damage

This Fire in a Senior complex in Orange, CA left this door charred and damaged. Thankfully the tenant was uninjured but the inside of his apartment and his contents were left with soot and the smell of smoke damage. Our Franchise was able to remove the terrible smoke odor and remove all the soot from his belongings and make it "Like it never even happened."

Photo is showing drying equipment, drying a block wall.

SERVPRO Equipment

Our SERVPRO Equipment hard at work! This was an elementary school in Anaheim, CA. The cinder block wall was showing levels of heavy saturation. We used a combination of desiccant dehumidifiers along with XL LGR dehumidifiers and air movers to dry this very dense material. It was dried to goal and the customers were thrilled.

Photo is showing 2 technicians standing next to their SERVPRO green vehicle, wearing full PPE gear


We at SERVPRO of Garden Grove East/Anaheim Central know the importance of safety. That's why we practice safety on every job and provide safety training classes for our technicians. These practices are for the safety of our staff and our customers. SERVPRO Safety-SERVPRO Ready!